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Decoridea provides residential and commercial lighting solutions which are designed not just to illuminate but also to break the monotony of the space.

Whether you want to make your commercial space stand out or give your living room the touch of the heaven, we offer designer lights to fit your budget and purpose. Install one of these lights in your room and experience the immense joy and warmth it creates.

When you buy online from us, you get lights which are tested before sending out to you. Further, we use only the best shipping service so that your decorative lights arrive at your doorstep intact.

Why decorative lights?

Decorative lights do justice to the stylish furniture, beautiful paintings and expensive centrepieces you may have in your room. Whether it's your kitchen island that needs to be well-illuminated or the bar counter where you want to drive attention, we have decorative lights for you.

Browse through our product-range and find the perfect lights to brighten up your day and night.

Decorative Lightings

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4 Watt LED Bulb - Decoridea
4 Watt LED Bulb

Per bulb price is £7.50

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