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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Decoridea

In the paragraphs below, you can find our business philosophy as well as our main motivation for business.

Best Price – quality match

It is not only our business but also our passion to provide you best quality items at affordable prices. We work hard to catch the latest trends in home improvement world. Throughout the year our team travel around the globe, visit manufacturers and attend fairs. Dozens of hours have been spending on roads and studying market demands since 2016.

Despite being relatively newcomer to home improvement sector, we have big ambitions. We believe everyone longs for peace at home after a busy day! You have probably wanted to renovate your space, but felt disappointed after calculating estimated costs. Since we are here:


This purpose in mind, we want to offer you best quality home improvement equipment at affordable prices.

Reasonably priced materials

We regularly check our prices and compare them with other companies in this sector. We believe our items are reasonably priced considering their both quality and durability. But if you can find cheaper elsewhere, which is a very rare scenario, we can match the gap. Just let us know by sending the link of the items you have compared. 

Occasional Sales vs Discounted Prices

We love to save money while purchasing our most needed items, don’t we? You are most probably familiar with occasional sales offered from both high street and online shops. Many companies offer you huge discounts on selected items for a limited time.

But wouldn’t it be more practical if those companies offered low prices throughout the year rather than on specific dates? We think items should be affordable for entire year!

Have a look at our collections:


Wall and floor tiles

Vinyl Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Polycarbonate sheets

Building materials