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Don’t miss these Kitchen Tiles Trends ever!

A kitchen is a place where the family comes together to cook and enjoy delicious food. So it becomes all the more important to have a beautiful kitchen. A kitchen must be easy to function in and also aesthetically attractive to look at. Choosing tiles for your kitchen from the many tile shops in Newport Wales can be a tough job. At Decoridea, we have some of the most unique and exquisite tile designs for you to beautify your kitchen. 

Here are some kitchen tile trends that will surely give you inspiration for your kitchen decor ideas. 

Bright Colours and Patterns

Tiles with bright colours and patterns make for great decorative tiles for kitchen floors. They can also work as a highlighter and brighten up rest of the space. They also give a certain expression and depth to the kitchen decor.

If you’re an art lover and like your things to express an emotion, then tiles with patterns and bold colours are a great choice. Our Mexican Red Dragon Matt Glazed and Victorian Inca Polished Glazed tiles are great examples of bright coloured tiles for kitchen flooring.

Split Face Wall Tiles

For kitchen walls, split face tiles are a great choice too. They are a classic style that’s almost never out of fashion. It’s perfect for a selective part of the wall of the kitchen or even the entire kitchen wall. These look extremely stylish and elegant in a kitchen.

Moreover, they don’t get easily dirty hence the pain to clean the tile is no more. Our collection of split face wall tiles are designed to transform the look of your kitchen into attractive modern aesthetics.

Wood effect tiles

Wood effect tiles are the type of tiles which work with every setting, whether it is a kitchen, bedroom or even in bathrooms. These work well if used as a flooring tile or as a wall tile.

Wood effect tiles since are usually of a darker tone; they provide warmth and cosiness to the environment. Moreover, the luxury of having wooden flooring in your room can turn out to be an expensive affair. Hence wooden tiles can be a great inexpensive alternative. On top of it, wooden tiles require less maintenance and are more durable.

Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

Marble Effect Porcelain tiles for a kitchen is a great choice if you want your kitchen to look spacious and clean. The neat and minimalist look of a marble tile is great for a simplistic kitchen look.
Our collection of Marble Effect Porcelain tiles will be a perfect fit for those looking to give their kitchen a classy look at a budgeted price.


Since a homeowner spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals and other culinary activities, it’s important that the kitchen be a reflection of your personality as well. So make sure whichever tile and decor style you choose, it is a reflection of who you are.

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