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Vinyl Flooring UK Suppliers | Cheap Cushioned Vinyl Flooring UK Suppliers

Looking for a Vinyl Flooring supplier in UK?

At Decoridea, we stock a high quality IVC brand and European manufactured Vinyl flooring sheets for you to collect even the same day*. Browse dozens of Vinyl flooring designs online or in-store. If you need special measurements, we may even get those sizes cut for you**.

We prioritise offering our customers quality Vinyl flooring at amazingly low prices!

You may save dozens and even hundreds of pounds on your refurbishment project and through buying direct from Decoridea.


Safety Vinyl Flooring -- Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Residential Vinyl Flooring -- Premium Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring -- Geometric Design Vinyl Flooring 

Tile Design Vinyl Flooring -- Laminate Design Vinyl Flooring

2 metre wide Vinyl Flooring -- 3 metre wide Vinyl Flooring

3.5 metre wide Vinyl Flooring -- 4 metre wide Vinyl Flooring


Cushioned Vinyl Flooring Suppliers UK: 








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