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A unique engineering thermoplastic which combines a high level of mechanical,
optical and thermal properties.

Transparentacoustic barriers, sport venues, skylights, shopping centres, covered walkways,etc.
Sun roomsand conservatories, Greenhouse and garden center roofing, pergolas and coveredpatios, etc.
Safety and Security Glazing
Safety glazing, safety windshields for garage, etc.

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Durable & UV Protected

Custom Cut Polycarbonate Sheets

Solid Sheets

Enhance your projects with our premium Clear Polycarbonate Sheet. Boasting exceptional clarity and durability, this solid sheet is perfect for a variety of applications. With double-sided UV protection, it ensures longevity and resistance to yellowing, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Order now for a high-quality, tailored solution that meets your exact requirements.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Enhance your roofing projects with our premium polycarbonate roofing sheets, available in various colors and sizes to suit your needs. These sheets offer exceptional durability, UV protection, and high impact resistance, making them ideal for greenhouses, canopies, and conservatories. Choose from options like corrugated or multi-wall designs, and enjoy the benefits of lightweight, easy-to-install, and weather-resistant materials. Custom sizes are available for a perfect fit.