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Architectural Impact with 3 Small Touches - Guest Blog Post

Architectural Impact with 3 Small Touches

As we all know, showing an architectural effect is hidden in the design of all the details in harmony. You cannot think of floor covering independently of wall decoration, furniture, and accessory selection.

Here in this article, we will talk about wall decorations that will form a unity with the floor coverings you have chosen with your distinguished taste, and of course, in a way that will create an architectural effect.

  1. A clock is never just a clock

If you can use wall clocks both functionally and as a part of the elegance of your taste, you are on the right track. Because watches have been used as a tool that reflects a house’s style for a long time. This kind of an oversized metal wall clock (below) for your home can complete the minimalist effect you'd like to create.

Or, with a watch like this (below), you can create an eye-catching effect in your office and achieve modern office architecture. Moreover, you can reach all these without sacrificing simplicity.


In addition to its functions, it is possible to use the clock as an object that complements your office architecture and home architecture.

You can also consider it as a gift idea for the upcoming new year. Or you can change the look of your wall at an extremely low cost.

Here you can find dozens of watch models including outdoor wall clocks that appeal to every taste and style.

  1. Don't leave your walls blank

Reflect your own architectural taste and inner world by equipping your wall with various wall decorations. Walls are the places that catch our attention first when we enter a place and in fact, they are the places where we can achieve the most results with the lowest cost.

A wooden wall decoration you will use can make you say 'this is it'. For example, you can transform the laminate flooring you use in grey or brown tones into a 'country' style with this wooden wall décor (below).


Or, with the same laminate flooring, but this time using an office wall clock, you can get a modern-looking office wall décor.


When you use a completely grey floor tile, having a gold metal clock on your wall like this for a harmonious contrast can create an elegant effect.


Or, the use of a metal wall décor art like this one both increases the aura of the space and creates a sense of depth by hanging it at different angles.

Here you can find dozens of wall decorations.

3.Floor and Wall should mirror the same style

The harmony of the floor and the wall should have a harmonious and eye-catching appeal for both your guests and yourself. That's why you should make the walls and especially the wall accessories suitable with each other while covering the floor.

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